2020 In Review

2020 was rough year for everyone. I’m lucky I still have a job and super lucky that non of my family or friends had complications from the virus. I also can’t believe that I was able to achieve most of the commitments that I did to myself at the beginning of the year.


First of all I wanted to learn about typescript and wanted to use that in some large scale application. For that I got a chance to implement that in the backend and in the frontend modules in tradeling.

React native

Everyone was talking about react native how easy it is to build android and iOS apps using JavaScript. That’s why I wanted to build something as I have experience with JavaScript. So here are links to the apps that I built.

Quotes Self Motivation - iOS Verison

Quotes Self Motivation - Android Version



Verify Vehicles Pakistan

All the apps are free. Check the links to try them.


Another commitment that I did to myself was to write about my experience with different technologies that I am using. So whenever I got a chance to write about something I wrote about it. This part I was not able to focus much as I had to leave my previous company and joined a new start up. So due to that I didn’t write much but here are links to my writings.

Build Facets With Elasticsearch

Compound Indexes in MongoDB

The Story of a Mongo Collection

Primitive vs. Reference Values

Promises in Javascript

HTTP Caching

Freeze and Seal Objects in JavaScript

Hello 2021

This year I want to focus on

  • Reading at least 5 books
  • Redesigning my blog
  • Writing more about my personal experience
  • Work on personal health

Apart from that I want to build something through which I can have some passive income. I have few ideas in mind that I will focus on. Let’s see how this goes. And last ofcource keeping myself uptodate with the technology trends. ;)

That’s it for this article let me know about what are your commitments for this year.